One password for many websites

Use single password to create unique passwords for many websites.

How does it work?

Today we hear almost everyday about user data leaks. If you're using the same password on many websites you are at risk of being hacked. Intruder can buy your credentials and use them to takeover your identity or any other valuable possessions.

Using you are able to create secure, unique passwords for many pages using single "Master password". If someone steals password you are using on site X he still won't be able to guess passwords for other websites.

Application doesn't know anything about you (login, name etc.) and doesn't send anything you input over the Internet. Password is generated in your browser using strong cryptography.

Above guarantees your credentials will be safe.

How to create password?

In order to create new password:

  • Type domain name you're planning to create password for. Always write domain name the same way (without prefixes like "www" etc.), otherwise generated password will be different each time.
  • Type your Master password. Keep this password secret. It will allow you to generate different password for every domain name you will enter.
  • Define initial seed (optional). You can define another factor that will impact generated password. This can be some random word or your login. You can bookmark page with your seed after # in URL to faster use it later.
  • Select Password number. This option allows you to generate different password for the same domain / master password pair in case you need to change password on specific site.

Remember that the final password is unique to any domain / master password you will enter - in case you will make any typo different password will be generated.

If you want to be sure if you have entered correct "Master password" check the graphic sign that is presented next to the password. It will be different for almost any password you'll type.

How secure is the application?


  • doesn't know anything about you (login, name etc.)
  • works only in your browser, nothing that you type in is send to the server, nothing is saved in your browser
  • uses still-considered-to-be-safe bcrypt hashing algorithm with 12 cost factor and SHA-384. It will make reverse cracking your password almost impossible in reasonable time.

Try to type strong password as your Master password. Next to the input you'll find a hint box indicating if your Master password is considered to be strong. Read also: How to create strong password?

Avoid saving anywhere your Master password. To easily store your generated passwords use one of Password Managers.

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